Class Is Out: Women on T.V.

I’ve been watching the VH1 reality show “Basketball babymamas Wives”. I noticed how these women wear the baddest clothes, shoes, jewelry and their skin always looks so hydrated and healthy. Now that I got the positives out of the way, let’s chop it up. These women are a disgrace! They don’t have a clue what class is. They fight more than ‘Tom and Jerry’.

‘Housewives of Atlanta’, ‘Bad Girls Club’ and ‘Flavor of Love’ just managed to prove that women can’t get along, talk too much, back stab and slip in the word b**** every other syllable. All of them go out of their way to dress and groom themselves to the max, but behave so gutter! All they care about is wrangling the richest athlete/rapper they can find.

We live in a world that cares nothing for character and just plain old etiquette. That’s why these women don’t even feel embarrassed when they are portrayed as FOOLS on T.V. Some of it is our (the audience) fault too. Maybe if we didn’t continue to watch them, they would go away. I know what you’re thinking.. “I can’t stop watching, nothing’s more entertaining than seeing two chicks snatch the wigs off each other’s dome piece.” Yeah, I hear ya, I enjoy it too. *Clears throat* On the other hand we all play a role in this and that is why I have decided to check myself into a treatment facility for the disorder ‘Reality Show Junkie Anonymous’. It is a real disease and it destroys families, friendships and affects job performance. Won’t you join me in my quest?



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