Going Broke for Weave

Picture by: imgs.sfgate.com

Don’t misunderstand me. I love to wear a good weave every now and then, but I have to question how often is too often. The weave industry makes over 9 million dollars a year primarily in the African American communities.
If you are spending over  $250 on extensions alone a month then you may have an issue. In particular those who are unable to save at least $200 a month into a savings account. With the economy being as brutal, we should be looking to prepare for real emergencies not weave emergencies. The damage weave imposes on your scalp and hair  is enough to maintain a flexible spending account.

The truth is being fabulous is more about the way you carry yourself than your brand of weave. We should be depending on weave like we depend on a nice  pair of earrings. They are only here to accentuate  what we already have. Now, if you are financially stable and can save more than $200 a month this still applies.You should still question whether you are fabulous without it. I say: We are beautiful with or without it. Having money in the bank is even more beautiful.


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