Throwback Movie: Get On The Bus

So I just watched the movie “Get On the Bus” by director Spike Lee. You all know it’s based on the journey of several black men on their way to the Million Man March on October 16, 1995. They made history too, it was one of largest demonstrations in Washington history. I loved the message of the movie and all but the whole time I was watching it I couldn’t help but think… “this is some B.S.”

This is my first time watching the movie. My issue is not with the movie. My problem is with the Million Man March aftermath. The whole concept was a great idea. My problem with it is a good chunk of the men that went to the march didn’t implement anything they learned that day. The point was NOT to go and get goose bumps and feel all fuzzy inside. The point was to go back home and become a better man and lead their families. Some where between getting OFF the bus and opening the front door they forgot all about unity, atonement and brotherhood.

Now that I’m done throwing shade, I love the message of the Million Man March. They did what they could to motivate us. It’s not Farrakhan’s, Spike Lee’s or the bus’ fault it didn’t stick.



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