Is That Why He Wears a Dress?

Remember last year when Tyler perry visited the Oprah Show and revealed that he had been molested as a child… By a woman? Remember how shook up he was over the ordeal? Cried & everything (that Oprah couch tends to have that affect on people) well I noticed that Tyler seemed to be the only man distraught by it. Other men didn’t see the problem. To Tyler perry it was molestation. To other men it was considered the best experience in a young lad’s life. Even Some women didn’t see the big deal. I heard some people say: “so is that why he wears a dress?”

To me and any other NON-sicko out there, it’s molestation. If an adult has a sexual encounter with a child, I call him or HER a filthy McNasty! I know most boys start thinking about and wanting sex much earlier than girls do. So having a woman touch them would be most welcomed. On the other hand there are some boys who aren’t ready to explore their sexuality aka ‘late bloomers’. Any unsolicited sexual experience could have damaging effects on their emotional and/or mental state… For life.

Dress or no dress, male or female, however you want to spin it, the point is….. exposing a child to any sex act is waaay WRONG!



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