Social Lesbo

Remember the lady in the neighborhood that lived alone, wore nothing but ugly house dresses, interacted with people through a screen door  and lived with a posse of cats?  Well, she got a makeover.

She now has a closet filled with hot clothes. Oh yeah, instead of having millions of cats she now has millions of friends. I guess she’s no longer that antisocial woman who can’t get a man, but uses her feline homies to compensate. WRONG! Many women surround themselves with other women to avoid feeling lonely. At first it was just to keep busy until “the right man” came along. So many women have given up on love and marriage. We now have female friends for companionship.

Women are inadvertently dating each other. The sad part is they’re not even lesbians. It’s the Gail & Oprah syndrome.



One response to “Social Lesbo

  1. Girl, men are so raggedy now a days and there is so little to choose from. I seriously looked at my bestfriend to see if there was any inkling of gay inside me cause I would ask her to marry me. Unfortunately, I’m not gay, and many of the good men are. Might as well console myself by going out with the girls 😥 It’s a sad existence.

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