I love Beyonce and every other booty shaking, baggy jeans wearing, anorexia having, crack cocaine smoking and husband stealing celebrity out there ( that was in no way directed at Gabrielle Union or Alicia Keys). I understand the mystic and enchantment. However, the celeb worship has gotten out of hand. Some people talk like they just got back from attending Kim Kardashian’s bbq pool party. Wouldn’t it make sense to be more concerned with improving on ourselves? Maybe we should work on our own issues rather than taking it out on Angelina Jolie’s 14 African babies.

Does it make sense to be so obsessed with a person who wouldn’t even notice if you dropped dead tomorrow? My point is that we have more control over our own behavior and character than we do over Nicki Minaj’s butt injection levels.



One response to “Obsessed

  1. I never understood the lure of celebs. I can’t even say I like Beyonce and the others, I like their work but not them personally cause I don’t know them!! People need to get a life. I would never be a groupie and as you said I’m working on myself so I can get a few minions not cause I really want them but when you blow up it’s inevitable that a few lowlifes will try to stand in your light.

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