Soooo…. the feminine movement has been going on for some decades now. I feel empowered. Don’t you? We women foke are more in control of our love lives, career choices and every other area. All this control has become paradoxical.

The script is as follows: the woman is supposed to submit to the man. You can be smart, but not smarter than him. Can’t be more successful or talented. Well you can be all those things, just make sure he’s more than 100 miles away at the time. It seems that the only way to keep a man these days is to be a mini skirt wearing, empty headed vixen.

Forget about all that smart stuff. Look where it got Condaleeza Rice, Janet Reno and Martha Stewart. Sure they’ve got millions of reveres and dollars, but I’m sure a good chunk of their money goes to the purchase of batteries. (wink wink).. Oh yeah, as for all those men who say they want a woman that can arouse their intellect as well as their loins (shout out to Eddie Murphy on ‘Coming to America’ for that line) I have one thing to say….. Lies…. All Lies!



One response to “Submit

  1. LMAO I guess I gotta invest in Duracel because women are getting smarter and more independent. And your right men don’t like it at all, they don’t want a woman that can make them feel stupid and trip up their nonsensical logic.

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